Organic Soybean meal and its benefits to livestock.

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Organic Soybean meal is the most important protein source used to feed farm animals. It represents two-thirds of the total world output of protein feedstuffs, including all other major oil meals and fish meal.

Organic Soybean meal is used in animal feed and also provides metabolizable energy to livestock. It is produced from the residue left after oil extraction of Soybean. Soybean meal has a high protein content in it, especially when compared to other plant-based protein.

Organic Soymeal has its own health benefits and is recommended for livestock. Soybean meal is the number one protein source used in the poultry and livestock industries throughout the world. Soybean meal nutrition helps the livestock to produce better.

Organic Soybean and Soybean meal have unique nutritional properties that make livestock healthier. It is recommended to use Non-GMO (Non genetically modified) Soybean meal for the livestock that are being raised by poultry farm owners who further sell them to the slaughterhouse or directly to customers.

Organic soybean meal for livestock

The problem which farm owners face is that they have to process the Organic Soybean and convert it into a Soybean meal prior to feeding the livestock. It is estimated that the Soybean meal fed to livestock in the US is 48% are fed to poultry, 26 % to swine, 12 % to beef cattle, 9% to dairy cattle, 3% used in fish feed and around 2% in pet food.

Organic Soybean meal

We all know that Organic Soybean is a part of the legumes family of plants. If the beans are used, they must be roasted or steamed to destroy the anti-nutritional factors. Raw Organic Soybeans should never be fed to the poultry or birds raised in the ranch. Organic Soybean is available worldwide.

In 2014, Organic Soybean production was estimated at 273 million tons. The exporters of Organic Soybean are China, Argentina, India, the USA, and Brazil. Globally around 98 % of Organic Soybean meal is used for livestock feed.

Organic Soybean meal contains a beneficial component for livestock. Soybean meal is known for its crude protein but when we make the Soybean to crude protein it is based on amino acids those are the building blocks of proteins. 

The Soybean meal which comes from various parts of the world is protein-rich and they have the highest digestible amino acids beneficial for livestock. The amino acids which are in the Soybean meal help livestock to grow and produce better. According to Poultry Experts, livestock doesn’t need protein, they need digestible amino acids.

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